Alpha Vochttechniek keeps moisture out.

Water damage is one of the most common threats to monumental buildings, commercial businesses and residences.

Wood rot, corrosion, cement damage and molds are frequently caused by moisture. Water not only ruins the outside of buildings, also furniture and interiors are not safe from rising saturation.

For that reason Alpha Vochttechniek addresses water damage problems in a global way; under and above the floor; providing both prevention and restoration. Alpha Vochttechniek solves existing problems and provides preventive measures in new construction. After a thorough analysis we offer a structural and durable solution to your problem.


After a thorough survey, we vigorously address your moisture problems! Our goal is the same as yours: to solve your damp problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t wait too long: often problems will just deteriorate.

Our approach
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Alpha Vochttechniek has conducted contracts the government, construction companies, industry and private individuals for over 35 years.

Your problem will be solved thanks to our extensive experience. In addition, we even provide a guarantee on all of our work!

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Alpha Vochttechniek offers solutions to damp in cellars or crawlspaces, damaged plaster, moisture spots, moisture between double-paned glass, peeling wallpaper, woodlice, silverfish, mold and salt damp.

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